Friday, February 18, 2011

Long since am gone.

It’s been very long since I stopped writing on this blog. But I have missed it every now and then. I gave up writing only to become a Post Graduate, now I am an MBA specialized in Finance and Information & Technology. But overall, it’s been a good experience. Thanks to all those people who have always trusted me with whatever I have done.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Technology sends Blu-ray Movies direct to your iPhone

The new technology, BD Touch by NetBlender is now going to show you Blu-ray movies direct on your iPhone ready to play using Wifi connection. This technology will let you use your iPhone as like another new fancy remote for your player. This application can gather the data from Blu-ray player, which can create an iTunes like catalog of movies into the iPhone. The new Technology, BD Touch, can offer you title recommendations, you can also use your iPhone as a game controller by turning existing Blu-ray discs into games, easily manage and update rental queue, it can display extra information about the movie in sync with the movies playback, etc. Overall, it seems to having limitless possibilities.

The video for demo showed on site is quite funny because they showed transfer, which took only seconds, most of us know how much time it takes converting a regular DVD for use on an iPhone, but still imagine if it is real then it is amazing.

Now I guess the next thing they must make a universal remote for full home automation, which can controlled by iPhone.

Here is the demo video:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Moto Z9 launched on AT&T

Motorola's latest phone Z9 launched on AT&T. The new Moto Z9 slider phone features in-car GPS dubbed as AT&T navigator, which can give you turn-by-turn directions so that you can easily locate hotels, gas stations, cafes, etc.

Moto Z9 is equipped with 3G connectivity, which means you will always be online. This phone also comes with the Opera Mini 8 browser, which is better than any other mobile browser out now.

For the media lovers, its new Video Share feature let you send stream videos to your friend’s mobile straight from your mobile. This phone comes with Windows Media Player 11, which ensures no trouble playing your audio or video files.

The Moto Z9 comes up with the latest award winning Crystal Talk Technology, which promises you will be heard in the noisiest place. This mobile also equipped with a 2MP camera with flash, an expandable memory option by microSD card, and Motorola Synergy OS.

Moto Z9 is available on the AT&T network for $249.99 with two years service agreement.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Palette for Digital Artists

Here is a design concept of handheld PC, which the digital artists preferably like to wear for their new creative designs. This beautiful Palette Digital Artist is an entry for the Microsoft's NextGen PC Design Competition for the year 2008.

This Palette is a handheld touch-screen PC with a thumbhole for the easy handling, also having a Stylus, which enables you to work digitally but like the good old days. This stylish design will give you that painterly feeling that is sorely lacking with conventional computers.

The connections for the Palette are all wireless, the design of this device also happens to have a DVD drive, which feels a bit odd on this shape screen, but in future who know what will be the ideal shape of a PC. Also thinking this shape makes sense for more than just painting.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Solution for dead Car Battery - Porta Jump

It happens sometime that you left your car's headlights on for a long time and when found out you are completely helpless. Then the solution might be to get a pair of jumper cables and try to get it connected to someone else's car. Well now dead car battery will be a thing of past with the help of this tiny Porta Jump battery.

Porta Jump measures 3” x 3” x 2-1/2”, which is much smaller than any such device I’ve ever seen, just plug it into a cigarette adapter or some power port and wait until you get green light turn on. Once this happens you can start your car. A “smart chip” battery tester is built in to let you know if your low battery will accept a charge.

This is a rechargeable device, and you just need to leave it plugged in cigarette adapter while driving for half hour to get it full charged. As the device is so small and comes with a Nylon pouch, you can carry it anywhere you like.

This device cost just $19.99, and it's a must have.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chinese Phone having 2 years (666 days) Standby time

You might have heard of one-year standby phone Solomobi from China, but now they have returned with another discovery, ZJ268 phone. This phone is a Dual SIM, supporting GSM900 / DSC1800, with eye-catching a 3-inch display. The device said to achieve this much through a 32,800mAh battery, calling it a "Super Battery".

This phone costs $128. In addition, you can see a picture of the 87 x 51 x 10-mm / 0.12-kg lithium battery and the devils own credit card after the break.

Surprisingly good and a must have for anyone who usually forgets to recharge their phone and found themselves with a dead battery. Well if you doubt about its performance then you have to wait 666 days until we get its results.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Philips Pronto TSU 9600 with WiFi

The new Philips Pronto TSU 9600 is a universal remote, which can control almost anything from a central location like your home theater system, music libraries, cable TV; it can even do your lighting if you have an automation system installed. It works on WiFi technology and has a 3.7-inch touch-screen (640 x 480 pixels). It is said to be powerful enough to work through walls. Well that is good because you do not have to install separate WiFi routers to work with it. A few people are suspicious about it that it may have side effects living in such a close proximity from a device like this. All of its functions are easily configurable by a PC, which enhances rich user experience.

Pronto is a must own for anyone who ever considered (or actually purchased) theater-style seating for a home screening room, or for anyone who wants to get spoiled by sitting at a place and controlling everything.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Laser Harp in Robotics contest.

Today I just found out this interesting thing, it is a Frameless Laser Harp, sounds interesting right. Anyways hers is some information relating about it. This Laser Harp happens to be at second place in Trossen Robotics Community's contest in a hot field that included a Seeing Eye robot, which can help the visually impaired people and a self-balancing motor board, which is similar to the iSlide, the most popular among the readers in recent Gizmag article.

Grand prize for the contest taken by Phoenix, a robot having six legs. The most interesting thing about this robot is its way of motion, which is some of the most convincing and eerily lifelike that we have seen in a robot that uses standard hobby servos and a common off-the-shelf servo controller. The kinematics for the robot are computed by a programmed spreadsheet. Oh, many numbers in there, good for trigonometry fans.

Now the question is, How a Laser Harp got eligible for a robotic contest. Well it is, because the Laser Harp does not actually make the sounds, it triggers the notes, which are produced on a MIDI.